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We work behind the scene ensuring the safety of our clients across multiple sectors




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Our Approach

Nu Force Security Group is fully compliant with all State & Federal Government legislation & regulations applicable to our industry. Thus by engaging a fully licensed and compliant security provider you minimise your reputational and financial risk.

We would be very happy to provide you with suitable evidence of this compliance if required.

  • We work closely with you to formulate a tailored plan that suits your needs and demands.
  • We train our officers extensively to carry out your expectations in an effective, professional and trustworthy manner.
  • We set up a management support system that ensures you receive the attention and responsiveness you deserve in any situation, at all times.

Nu Force Security Group Services

Our range of services utilises a broad range of skills from general Guarding to highly specialised security roles

Crowd Control

We have extensive experience in delivering successful outcomes to licensed venues, Gaming venues and major events in Australia‚Äč

Mobile Patrols

We provide a professionally operated mobile security patrol service, which is there to help prevent any potential disruptions

Guards with Dogs

We can offer highly trained and licenced Handlers and Dogs, which could eliminate the need for having two guards onsite.

Armed Security Guards

We have extensive experience in cash in transit, high risk assets protection and property protection

Major Events

We have the expertise and capabilities to deliver best in class security services for all types of events hosted across Australia

Security Risk Advisory

We offer a wide range of consultancy services focused on identifying potential threats and minimising security risks

Security Guarding

Our trained and licensed Security Officers are committed to delivering the best possible customer service


Our collective experience in the investigative field spans in excess of 30 years. We conduct investigations in a myriad of industries.

Executive Protection

We offer a wide range of executive protection (bodyguarding) services across Australia and overseas.

Protect Yourself By Asking Questions Before You Hire Security

Hiring the right security provider can be tricky.

Let us assess your situation and offer helpful advice to ensure you get the protection you deserve.