Nu Force Security Group provides a complete range of security services.  Our range of services utilizes a broad range of skills from general Guarding to highly specialized security roles.

Our services include:

Occupational Health and Safety

Nu Force Security Group takes the safety of its staff, clients and all stakeholders it protects very seriously.  Accordingly it maintains a meticulous safety environment, the tools of which are contained within our Health and Safety Manual. Before commencing any contract with a client, Nu Force Security undertakes a risk assessment of the facility to ascertain if there is any safety or operational risks inherent in the contract. 

Nu Force Security Group OH&S Compliance Statement

Nu Force Security Group recognizes its responsibility to provide, promote, secure and maintain the safety, health and welfare of all persons at work by:

  • Assisting in securing a safe and work environment

  • Reducing, eliminating and controlling hazards

  • Protecting people against hazards

  • Providing adequate information, instruction, supervision and training

  • Ensuring that all policies are up-to-date, consistent and relevant with our and our client objectives.

  • Fostering co-operation and consultation between employer, employee and customers.

  • Providing for the ongoing formulation and effective implementation of policies and supervision.

  • Observing, implementing and fulfilling all responsibilities under any Acts, Codes of Practice and Regulations, that apply.

  • Developing programs for rehabilitation and risk management.

  • Linking Occupational Health and Safety to any organizational programs for continuous improvement.

  • Implement management systems that identify the real cost of work related injury and disease and the processes associated with the same.

  • Making regular assessments of safety and health performance and resources.

Our employees are committed to:

  • Ensuring their own safety and health

  • Avoiding adversely affecting the safety and health of any other person through their acts or omissions.

  • Carrying out any instructions safely,

  • Looking after any equipment or protective equipment provided.

  • Informing us and our clients on any situation that is likely to post a safety and/or health hazard,

  • Co-operating on any relevant matters.

Staff Recruitment and Selection

Our Security Officers are recruited and trained against a carefully designed range of core competencies and selection process, including police checks, reference checks, literacy and numeracy testing, reference checking. Officers are recruited and developed by a highly experienced senior Management team, with the ability to respond to situations, with initiative, professionalism and respect for the general public at all times.