You're in good hands when it comes to your security needs.


To surpass our clients’ service expectations, by providing qualified, skilled, highly motivated and dependable employees with current up to date technology, and to conduct our business in a professional, reliable and ethical manner at all times.  This will be done with providing the highest quality personnel available, constantly keeping our staff up to date on current workplace practices.

We believe in forming a partnership with our clients and offering quality and affordability.


Our employees are committed to:

  • Ensuring their own safety and health

  • Avoiding adversely affecting the safety and health of any other person through their acts or omissions.

  • Carrying out any instructions safely,

  • Looking after any equipment or protective equipment provided.

  • Informing us and our clients on any situation that is likely to post a safety and/or health hazard,

  • Co-operating on any relevant matters.


Nu Force Security Group provides a complete range of security services.  Our range of services utilizes a broad range of skills from general Guarding to highly specialized security roles.

Our services include:

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Security Officers

  • RSA certified Crowd Controllers for licensed venues

  • RSG certified Crowd Controllers for gaming venues

  • Crowd Management and Response for Major Events

  • Security Risk Management Consultancy

  • Armed Security Guards

  • Guard with a Dog

  • Security Dog Sales